A GLOBAL IT SERVICES PROVIDER Exceeding Client Expectations

Teskostudio is a leading IT service provider with about 80,000 employees in over 40 countries. They are known for their long time commitment and dedication to offer high quality IT services. Among their services are IT consultation services, application development, IT outsourcing and cloud computing based services. They are very successful as a business with a revenue growth of 100 billion dollars annually, it has partnered with Fortune Global 100 with 80% shares.


They are among the top IT service provider, and recently they strengthened their title by working with the Dell Inc. company. They are meant to have a very stable, important business relationship with Dell. I tend to think this was a very wise move. Dell Inc. is known to deliver worldwide innovative technology and high quality business services and solutions.
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5 IT Consultants Named Best in their Field

National Outsourcing Awards were held for the 4th year running and the best outsourcing IT companies were recognized for their outstanding performance in 2015. In the list of those recognized were; Accenture, Elixirr, and Infosys. These companies have been praised by industry professionals for their exceptional success in the IT consultant in Philadelphia.

 5 IT Consultants Named Best in their Field

As one of the participants put it, “ NOA is the best place to get an insider’s guide to building a successful IT consultancy.” The Awards are not just about the best companies, even individuals with outstanding performance in this field are recognized and awarded. The 2016 awards took place for the first time outside London, at the Museum of Science, in Manchester. In Total, there were 16 prizes given out and four of them were for consultancy companies. Accenture was the leader of that pack.
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Are you Ready to Take the Step?

A report from the survey CPA firm best lead generation practices that had 150 firms as the respondents in 2013- 2014 confirmed that the most successful marketing automation agency, is the one that has content marketing strategy, and lead generation strategy. They went on and said what distinguishes a marketing director from the managers is the fact that they believed in firms being marketed.


Based on the survey, they noticed that referrals as well as web content was the most effective method and was not costly adding an advantage to the business. Allan Vitberg principal of VittbergLLC continued by saying that there was still many firms that had not figured out the strength of the website, and this was a major disappointment.

On April 18th 2016 the managing director (Isaac M. O’Bannon) of CPA Practice Advisor decided to write an article based on the 11 Steps for a More Effective Accounting Firm Website. His intentions was to help in changing the accountant’s opinion on the role of a website to their firms. Below are the steps on an effective accounting firm website.

1. Brand clarification

It is very important to clarify your brand. Let your audience fully understand your brand. Explain to the audience what makes you have a competitive edge, in case you have a logo display it so that it can be memorable in people’s mind. Your website must have a catchy title, one that one can’t easily forget.

2. Fresh content

You need to know your audience get bored easily hence is very important to always give them new stuff. It should be interesting as well attractive. This can make your content go viral, leading to the beginning of your success. It does not necessarily need to be a news based website.

3. Useful website

Give the audience what they want. Giving them your bio information and how they can contact you is useful but no one will be interested, but if you give them offers, loans that are very affordable, you will find them now interested at looking at your contacts.

4. Language clarification

Never assume. Assumption can be your biggest enemy, as much as your audience want to invest in you, you need to realize they didn’t go to accounting school. Let your language be simple and comprehensive, one that a layman can understand. It is very frustrating when one is reading your website and there are acronyms that have not been written in full.

5. Proofread your work

Remember you are not there physically to defend and market yourself; your content is meant to do that for you. Read it carefully and check and correct any mistakes. Your website is your first impression, make your audience want more. Many spelling mistakes may tend to give an impression that you are not serious, and who wants such a person?

6. Never get tired of trying

With the website, you need to try even if is not as effective as you thought. Go back to the drawing board and reconsider your strategy. One way or the other, there is always a breakthrough eventually.

7. Add contact info

Always make it easy for the audience to contact you by putting your contacts on the website.

8. Promote what you are good at

It is good to always look at your business and analyze it and figure out what makes it special. When you figure out, try to bring it out very well in your website.

9. Advertise yourself to your current clients

Let them understand why they are with you and not anyone else. Let them access documents via cloud service.

10. Be findable

This are Isaac’s words to explain when one searches for a certain keyword be the first to appear. Reasons being, the first ten search results are usually visited by most visitors.

11. Share your website address with your friend as well as family

This way you can get some new audience who will eventually be your potential prospects.

Market your business via online and join the best accounting firms.

Medical Marijuana Toronto Is Raising Health Concerns

medical marijuana dispensaries in toronto

Medical marijuana is spurring a lot of sometimes heated debates among medical professionals who advocate its use, and physicians who advise a great deal of caution in prescribing the drug.  Medical marijuana Toronto is causing some physicians to argue among themselves about the relative benefits and dangers of the mild narcotic.  That marijuana is beneficial in the treatment of certain conditions is no longer an issue; what remains subject to debate is the view presented by some in the medical community that marijuana is a treatment for almost anything, against a view by others that marijuana poses health risks that far outweigh any benefits.

A major boost for the physicians who value the benefits of medical marijuana Toronto comes from its huge popularity with the public.  Many people, especially those who say they suffer from pain of some sort, prefer medical marijuana to most over the counter pain drugs.  One concern posed by those against the use of medical marijuana is that it has only been proven effective against neuropathic pain and spasticity from multiple sclerosis, and not any other.  Indiscriminate prescriptions of marijuana for all types of pain only exposes patients to many short-term and long-term risks such as, schizophrenia, mood disorders, addiction, lung diseases and mood disorders.

Health risks associated with marijuana have not deterred many ‘patients’ some of whom may be more interested in the narcotic high rather than pain alleviation in the first place.  To complicate matters, no one, not even the best doctor, can tell a patient he is not experiencing pain when he says he does.  It makes the whole idea of using marijuana for medical purposes wide open for ‘legal’ abuse.

When people speak of pain some doctors believe that, instead of handing out prescriptions for medical marijuana, patients should be asked what type of pain they are experiencing.  In some cases pain may be psychosomatic in nature which a few sessions with a psychiatrist would help more than a hundred puffs of weed.

There are some recorded cases where marijuana was able to provide cures that were almost miraculous in nature.  For some forms of psychiatric conditions such as extreme anxiety, medical marijuana in Toronto has proven to be an effective cure when other mainstream medicines have failed.  There is even a case, spread through the internet, of a child whose seizures stopped after being given cannabis; the 2 year old had been having an average of 300 seizures per week before they tried medical marijuana.  In cases like those, there seems to be no denying the benefits of marijuana far outweigh any adverse side effects.

With the Medical Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) coming into effect early this year medical marijuana dispensaries in Toronto may no longer be allowed to sell the drug.  The new regulations have given the sales and distribution of medical marijuana solely to licensed producers – and Health Canada is being deluged with applications for license to grow the weed.  Under the new rules patients may no longer legally grow their own marijuana.  While it is undeniable that marijuana use for medicinal purposes has its benefits and risks, the new regulations may at least prevent abuse.


Orlando Chiropractor – Joint And Pain Specialist

orlando chiropractor

When Florida residents feel pain, especially in their joints and spine, many don’t take it very seriously at first. The first impulse is to try ‘a couple of pain pills’ which often brings only temporary relief at best. In the meantime, whatever it is that ails them worsens.

When over the counter pain pills no longer work, many would see a medical practitioner. They may go to an orthopedic specialist, a physical therapist or to an Orlando chiropractor. Although chiropractic practice is not as well known as those which involve mainstream medicine, it is so effective that many sports clubs depend on them to enhance the endurance and conditioning of their athletes. An Orlando chiropractor is likely to be called whenever rugged play in the field causes wear and tear to muscles, tendons and joints.

What is Chiropractic Practice?

`Many of us associate chiropractors with treatments of the skeletal system, primarily the spine. In reality, chiropractic practice is much wider.

Chiropractics focus on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, because they believe these have serious effects on people’s general health. Most often chiropractics are called upon to treat disorders which involve the muscles and the skeleton (musculoskeletal). Thus they are likely to be seen treating neck pain, back pain, headaches, and pain in the joints of arms and legs.

Chiropractics are gaining wider acceptance because the treatments they perform are drugs free and involve a truly hands-on approach to examination, diagnosis, and treatment. In some cases alternative treatments such as acupuncture, water, light massage, electric stimulation, ultrasound, and heat. Many times chiropractic physicians may also recommend nutritional & dietary changes, therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, posture correction and lifestyle changes.

Typical nationally accredited chiropractic programs involve thousands of hours of combined classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience over four years. Only after successful completion of their four year graduate doctoral degree are chiropractics allowed to sit for national and state licensing exams. Chiropractics are alternatively known as Chiropractors, Doctors of Chiropractic, or Chiropractic Physicians. The website of the American Chiropractic Association has lots more information about chiropractic practice.

What Chiropractic Treatments Commonly Consist Of

One of the most common treatment procedures employed by chiropractors is what they call spinal manipulation which is also known as chiropractic adjustment. Controlled force is applied to joints which have reduced mobility resulting from tissue injury. This is in essence a therapeutic type of manipulation or massage, if you wish to call it that. Through manipulation, tissues on joints which likely had suffered traumatic injury such as improper lifting, repetitive stresses or blunt force can be healed and joint mobility restored.

Chiropractic physicians also use modern imaging technologies to assist in their diagnosis. When they deem it necessary, chiropractors will refer patient to the appropriate health care provider; an orthopedic surgeon, a neurologist, etc.

More than this, chiropractics say that through chiropractic adjustment, the spine can restored to its proper position or posture which results in improved general health. Now that is something all of us can benefit from.

Elvis Hair Inspires Admiration

elvis hair piece

Elvis remains popular many decades after his death. The fact that he is no longer with us does not deter the many Elvis impersonators and tribute acts in many cities of the world. That’s right; even now Elvis is still popular not only in America, but in many other parts of the world.

Elvis’ continued popularity can be traced to his many achievements in his colorful if abbreviated life. He was more than a gyrating rock and roll singer; he was an icon to generations of fans all over the world. His movie star good looks certainly helped attract initial attention to his musical talents. But his achievements in the world of music after the initial attraction his looks generated were awesome. Most of his music reached the top of the Billboard music charts, and his music sales record stood for a long time; at least until the Beatles and other acts followed.

One of his trademarks was his almost always immaculately coiffed hair. Jet black hair that seemingly defied gravity with a few inches of overhang in front of his brow is the image many people associate with elvis hair. But what many people don’t realize is that Elvis did not always have black hair. He wanted his hair black and asked his hairdresser to dye it black every two to three weeks. But the real color of his hair is sandy blond. Pictures of Elvis during his time in the Army showed streaks of sandy blond hair; this was because he was not able to use dye while serving as a soldier. Now every elvis hair piece you can buy is in black; no elvis wig is ever in sandy blonde.

But such hair needed its fair share of maintenance. So much did Elvis value his hair that he hired a personal hairdresser to accompany him even in his musical tours. Larry Geller abandoned his thriving hair salon in Hollywood to be Elvis personal hair stylist.

Geller reveals that Elvis had his hair shampooed regularly; it is not unusual for Elvis to have his hair shampooed daily. That is followed by scalp massages and then he brushes Elvis hair about “50 to 60 strokes.” Maintaining such a healthy head of hair also involved the use of vitamins and herbal supplements. Vitamin E and jojoba oil were among the many products Geller used. The supplements were meant to counter heavy use of hairspray which allowed Elvis hair to defy gravity. Otherwise the hair would have dried out.

Geller also shares that Elvis allowed him to do whatever he wanted to his hair with just one condition: “make sure I keep it.” Geller was successful as there is no record that shows Elvis requiring the services of professionals affiliated with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and other such organizations. This was a great opportunity which Geller maximized by experimenting with different vitamins and herbs to infuse shampoo with. Now Geller is set to cash in on the results of his experiments by starting his own line of organic hair care products.

Whenever you see pictures of elvis wig and sunglasses, remember all the maintenance that kept that beautiful head of hair healthy.

Birmingham Pediatrics Provide World Class Treatments

birmingham 24 hour urgent care pediatrics birmingham al

It is no exaggeration to say that Birmingham pediatrics is among the world’s best.  Pediatrician’s clinics across the city are built to serve children’s medical needs in many respects, such as:

–          Design:  Pediatrician’s clinics are designed with the children in mind, so much so that some of them look more like children’s playgrounds or children’s play room than medical clinics.  Their designs would be of cartoon characters and fairy tale characters familiar to children.  They would be outfitted with children’s books, televisions showing cartoon programs, and a few toys here and there.  Many clinics will even stock a few balloons and a dozen or so pieces of candy.

–          Communication:  Pediatricians, their secretaries and their medical assistants would have taken courses in child psychology which would allow them to communicate at a level that children trust and respond to.  All their interactions with children are meant to remove the fear of medical clinics and doctors and replace them with a positive view of both doctors and medical treatments.

–          Equipment and Procedures:  Many pediatricians’ clinics come well equipped with the latest in diagnostic and treatment machines and equipment.  Pediatricians’ organizations would have also updated them on the latest and best diagnostic and treatment procedures and cures.

Birmingham pediatrics Birmingham AL are also always on the lookout for innovative and more effective cures.  Some of these doctors are so progressive that they have actually begun blending scientifically proven natural cures with the medical treatments normally associated with modern medicine.  Some of them are successful in eliminating the need for expensive medicines that may come with undesirable side effects by replacing them with natural cures.  One of the most common and effective examples is the use of nasal irrigation with warm salt water to relieve nasal congestion.

While many people and their children still go to Birmingham urgent care for initial treatments, some children with more serious illnesses get referred to pediatricians, where they get the best children’s medical care.

Birmingham 24 hour urgent care may be the most convenient way to get medical attention fast, but children with chronic or severe ailments need the world class treatment provided by pediatricians from Birmingham.

Dentist in Scarborough Provides Good Service

emergency cosmetic dentist in scarborough

When you have just moved to a new place, you’d be understandably a little lost.  At the house you would still be memorizing the locations of the light switches, doors and windows.  In the area you’d still be searching for the nearest grocery, church, doctor’s office, barber, and the dentist.  You’ll most probably be apprehensive about the quality of medical and dental care in the area.  Can you find a competent GP and dentist in Scarborough?   The answer is a resounding yes – there are plenty of very competent GP’s and dentists to be found. As well as there are many family physicians we can go to, particularly at walk in clinic Birmingham Al.

There are a lot of very competent family dentists in the area and their clinics can only be described as state of the art.  The dental profession in Canada is highly organized and organizations such as the Canadian Dental Association are at the forefront of many initiatives to improve dental services, keep pace with the latest dental equipment and technology, and maintain professionalism among its ranks.  Because of this, and a healthy dose of competition among dental professionals, most dental clinics offer a wide range of services using ever more modern technology.

Should you require urgent dental care, you can find an emergency dentist in Scarborough to look after you at any hour of the day, and any day of the week.

There are a lot or family dentists you can go to for the dental needs of all – from children to the elderly.  While this type of Scarborough dentist has no real specialization, they are the versatile dental equivalent of the GP’s in medicine.  They focus on maintenance of proper oral hygiene and dental restoration treatments.  They do anything from cleaning of teeth to fillings, and crowns.

And when you do need special dental care, there are also orthodontists, pediatric dentists, dental surgeons, and whatever else you need.  If your dental service requirement is for aesthetic reasons you can easily locate a Scarborough cosmetic dentist.

As far as dental services in Scarborough is concerned, no need to worry – dental professionals have you covered.

Chiropractors in Orlando, Fl. Have Proliferated in The Area

chiropractors in Orlando Fl
You will find several clinics with well-trained Chiropractors in Orlando, Fl. Orlando has many chiropractor clinics downtown and in nearby areas. There some interesting chiropractor clinics in Orlando that offers more than spinal adjustment.

You can find many chiropractor clinics along the E. Colonial Drive, which runs through the center of the city. Some clinics there offer additional services such as family health care and sports injuries rehabilitation. You can also find few chiropractor clinics along the drive that offer chiropractic treatment for chronic pain.

You can also find four chiropractic clinics around Fairview Shores. This is of note because there is a golf course and other sports facilities in this area. Those who have sports injuries or want to be in their excellent physical condition for a game can conveniently have chiropractic treatment in clinics at Fairview Shores.

If you live in the center of the city, you will be surprised to hear that there are at least ten chiropractic clinics in the place. You can find chiropractic clinics in the downtown that specializes in pain management, chiropractic massage, ultrasound and even electrical muscle stimulation, a procedure wherein low voltage electricity is applied the skeletal muscles to, making them shiver for treatment of muscular weakness.

Conway, which lies north of Orlando International Airport, also has several chiropractor clinics. Some of them offer specialized treatment for back pain, chiropractic treatment for auto accidents and x-ray assisted spinal adjustment. You can easily find clinics that have chiropractor in Orlando, Fl.


Birmingham Pediatrics Is Child Friendly

Birmingham pediatrics

Children are more complex than most people realize.  They generally understand more than we are ready to give them credit for, yet they may not always have the ability to properly express themselves.  This complex combination is what best Birmingham pediatrics face on a daily basis, and they have learned to be one of the most child-friendly groups of medical professionals.

To parents, nothing induces more panic than to hear the cries of a child who is as yet unable to communicate the nature of his distress.  Yet pediatricians have learned to read through children’s actions and symptoms to get to the heart of the problem.   They have learned to adapt to the ‘unspoken language’ infants and children use.  Sometimes, as an alternative, pediatricians communicate with the parents to determine what symptoms may have been observed.

But even children who have mastered the rudiments of speech may not always be willing to open up to strange people in white lab coats.  A child who has learned to associate doctors and clinics with immunization shots or minor surgeries will understandably be tense, and it is the role of the doctor and his staff to put the child at ease.  Shock and awe tactics that some physicians use for adult patients who fail to heed their advice just won’t work with children – all you’re likely to end up with are a crying mess of a young patient and understandably upset parents.

There are also professional psychologists to handle the more difficult cases of children terrified of doctors and clinics.  Sometimes it is the pediatrician himself who takes psychology courses to learn to be more in tune with his young patients.

Sometimes even the secretary or receptionist who greets the child at the door is trained to be as child-friendly as possible.  The general look of the clinic is also designed to be interesting to children.  Waiting rooms generally contain small toys, magazines, puzzles or even some sweets.  Everything is done so the child will associate the visit to the doctor with a pleasant experience.

Such measures ensure that children respond favorably to Birmingham pediatricsThe customer is king after all, and for pediatricians customers are spelled c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n.